The Second Food Line is Open, Part 2: “Preparing for the Banana Apocalypse”

Attention all you banana lovers: It is well known to all that we are in the last days; the last days of the banana Year of Jubilee. Knowing this crisis is upon us, we here in the kitchen feel called to share our banana wealth with every one of the Generic Camp Name family.

Should you find that you are heinously lacking in your banana stash, please feel welcome to enter the freezer (second door to your left and straight on ’til morning) and take for yourselves as many of the sour cream containers filled with this delicious fruit as you can carry.

“Why would I want to hoard bananas?” You may ask yourself this, as Anna and I found ourselves wondering as we stared at 26 quarts of MASHED banana in front of us. Allow us to provide you with a few sound reasons:

Banana Muffins
Banana Bread
Banana Cake
Banana Pudding
Banana-filled Chocolate
Fruit Salad, consisting of Banana
Banana Quiche
Banana Cookies
Baby Food
It’s surprisingly fun to throw at your friends
Turtles love the stuff
Banana Cream Puffs
It’s gluten free!
Banana Cream Pie
Ice Cream Topping
Banana Smoothies
Chunky monkey pancakes (Helllooooo)
Christmas Presents

May the odds be ever in your favor as you all immediately race to our freezer.

-Katie and Anna

For more of The Second Food Line is Open, as well as an introduction to the series, please check out

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