The Second Food Line is Open, Part 3: “Kitchen’s Missing Radio”


The kitchen’s smaller radio is still MIA. It’s been gone for well over a month now. If you or a loved one can remember borrowing one from us during the last two months, please consider turning them in. We will deal with them swiftly and with pinpointed vengeance, with no need to lay the blame on your children or any future generations. If it has mysteriously turned up at your charging station, it has now become your quest to help it on its journey home.

Our current radio is not doing so hot, and I can only assume it is because it has been separated from its brethren. The kitchen can no longer reliably contact anyone except by telephone, email, or screaming off the loading dock.

Please, help us.


For more of The Second Food Line is Open, as well as an introduction to the series, please check out

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