The Second Food Line is Open – A Series

This is the introduction to a series. The series may occasionally seem out of place, but as long as you introduce something and make it a habit, people eventually stop questioning it.

A long time ago, on a planet far, far away, called “Wis-con-sin,” I used to work in a kitchen. A very large, very active, year-round camp and conference center kitchen, that shall remain nameless until someone puts together the rather large pieces and guesses it.

On this planet, there was occasion to send out announcements via email to staff. Seeing as enough things in life are terrible and boring, myself and my co-Head Cook endeavored to not make work emails one of those things. They may not have always been a bright spot in the work day, and they were probably mostly a very complicated explanation of a very simple piece of information that needed to be conveyed, but at the very least, they were a distraction.

We saved those emails over the years, every once in a while looking back and laughing at the occasional idiocy and Grade-A wit. They’re probably one of those things that’s funnier when you know the situations leading up to the typing, and the people that were typed about. But maybe even for those that don’t know, they will still be, at the very least, a distraction.

-Free Food For You-

Hello Staff!

As most of us prepare to head out into the wide unknown for Thanksgiving break, we cannot forget that treks such as these require two things – strength of resolve and provisions.

Understanding this, your dedicated kitchen staff has set aside much food and drink in the pass-through, in the hopes that you will partake and be nourished on your journey.

Please visit and gather food for your loved ones (or enemies, if you’d like to take the coleslaw.) There are bountiful supplies of vegetables, fruits, meat, and various dairy products including milk, yogurt, and sour cream. Please check all sides of the pass-through, including where the salad toppings are normally kept.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you never go hungry!


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